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Which Spray Nozzle Should I Get? A Helpful Buyer’s Guide


Are you among the many people deciding to tackle home projects independently? If so, you'll need some equipment to get started. Chances are you want to work on cleaning the exterior of your home, washing your car, or maintaining your lawn or garden.


An essential item for any of these tasks and more is the spray nozzle you put on your hose. Without one, all your hard work won't be very effective. There are many options, and you don't want to end up with the incorrect nozzle.


Keep reading for a breakdown of all the different types of spray nozzles and how to decide which one best suits your outdoor project needs.

Built for the Task at Hand

A significant consideration when it comes to choosing the right spray nozzle is what you need to accomplish.


Are you the guy out watering his lawn and washing his car every weekend as soon as the weather allows? Are you a gardener who loves to grow your own fruits and vegetables? Do you prefer a specific aesthetic for your home?


Figure out what kind of nozzle is best for your needs, no matter what you're working on.

Lawn and Garden Care

Whether you're new to caring for your lawn and garden or an old pro, water is a big part of growing anything successfully. The right amount at the right time is the name of the game.


For a simple lawn, you don't need anything complicated. Control the spray with pressure on the trigger or click the lock to maintain a constant stream with this trigger nozzle.


Maybe you're tending to a garden with various plants with different needs. Try this 7-pattern nozzle, which can water more delicate veggies with a mist or really soak the thirstier plants and everything in between.


Water window boxes and hanging plants with ease, and check out a wand sprayer for those hard-to-reach spots.

Home and Auto Practicality

Make tough jobs like cleaning the outside of your home or washing your car easier with the right spray nozzle.


Do two things at once with a soap nozzle for deep cleaning, plus different spray patterns. Or turn up the pressure to remove grime on the siding without all the scrubbing.

Casual Use and Aesthetics

Every home should have a garden hose, but maybe you don't need anything too specific when it comes to spray nozzles.


Make sure all your potential projects are covered with multiple spray patterns, an easy-to-squeeze trigger, and an attractive appearance. Whether you're playing in the sun with your family or rinsing muddy boots, this model has everything you need.

The Different Types of Nozzles

Aside from the task you need your spray nozzle to perform, you’ll also have personal preferences that will dictate which one will work best for you. Both the spray pattern and the trigger type will impact your choice.

Spray Pattern Options

First, consider the functionality you need. How do you want the water to spray? What droplet size are you looking for?

For all-around use to put your garden hose to work wherever you need it, go with a spray nozzle that has a lot to offer. There are nozzles with anywhere from five to nine different spray patterns, so you can get the specific function you need when you need it.


This is an excellent choice if you don’t need a lot of options. With the ability to turn the dial between jet, cone, mist, shower, and flat settings, you're covered for any basic project.


If you're looking for a heavy-duty spray nozzle that can do it all, try this one with all the best features. Set it to jet, mist, flood, flat, angle, shower, fan, cone, or center.  You'll be covered no matter what you're doing with the perfect setting available with the turn of a dial.


If you prefer to control the spray pattern yourself, try a more straightforward design that can still do anything you need. Simply adjust the top of the spray nozzle to achieve anything from a mist to a stream. You can even adjust further with the flow control lever.


If you really need a spray nozzle that's purpose-built and will stand up to all your high-pressure tasks, try a fitting like this. With no small parts or adjustments to make, this brass nozzle is no-nonsense.

Trigger Type

Next, it's crucial to think about how the spray nozzle will operate and what will be most comfortable and practical for you to use. This depends on your personal preference entirely, and there's something for everyone.


Try a spray nozzle with a front or rear trigger to keep it simple and classic. This pistol grip-style spray nozzle is easy to squeeze and also features a buckle to allow you to lock it into place to keep the water flowing. Turn the dial to switch between eight different spray patterns easily.


Maybe squeezing the trigger is uncomfortable for your hands. In that case, you might prefer a thumb or top lever control. Simply push the lever forward to control water flow—no need to squeeze and risk getting a cramp in your hand.


For even more ergonomic assistance, some spray nozzles also include a telescoping wand so you can easily extend your reach with minimal effort. Choose between squeeze and thumb lever-type triggers and easily reach areas higher up for further away, and enjoy a variety of spray pattern options.


For no-frills use, all you need is a twist. Simply turn the nozzle to adjust how powerful a stream you want. This is great for watering or use as a chemical sprayer on your lawn or in your garden.

Spray Nozzles for Any Application

No matter what job you need to get done, the proper equipment makes all the difference. Make sure you use the correct spray nozzle for whatever you need and get the job done right.


Contact GOGREEN today, and our dedicated team of garden tool professionals help you find the best spray nozzle for you or your customers.


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